What to Do With Fair Criticism

Jeff Goins (my new friend and rising creative) wrote a while back on what to to with unfair criticism. It’s a great post. I thought about it for about two seconds before thinking, “What do should I do with fair criticism?” Here’s my list:

  1. Listen very carefully. As much as possible, hear what is really being said.
  2. If it’s fair but inaccurate, correct perceptions. Sometimes, criticism comes from simple misperception. That’s easy to fix.
  3. If it’s fair, but you disagree (careful not to come out swinging), then explain your reasoning.
  4. If you find the criticism fair and accurate, repent. Sometimes people just want to hear an apology.
  5. Ask for help. The person giving you criticism wants to help. Take them up on it.
  6. Correct as much as is practical. Let’s face it, we could all spend most of our day thinking about how we could do everything better. As much fun as that would be, it just isn’t helpful.
  7. Sleep well. I have always found that, when I engage someone and work through disagreements, I have more peace than when I let it fester.

Any other tips?

2 thoughts on “What to Do With Fair Criticism”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Paul, and for another great post. I think the trouble with all criticism is you don’t often know whether it’s fair or not, so these are good steps for any criticism.

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